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Busy schedule? We offer in-home training to help make your dog's days a little brighter while you're away.

Playface is owned by a certified dog trainer and our reward-based training methods are based on tried and true principles of animal learning. 



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Don't have a lot of extra time to train your dog? We can do the training for you.

With training done by a certified trainer, not only will you get a better relationship with your dog, you'll see faster results.  And with humane rewards-based methods, your dog can have fun along the way.

You'll be kept up to date throughout the training and given the skills you need. We provide pertinent handouts with instructions, progress notes with homework, photos, and one-on-one transfer sessions. $100 per hour

I think we’re all excited on Sarah-Days. Truman squiggles with delight when he sees Sarah. His time with her has made him much more behaved on our walks together. I appreciate Playface deeply!
— Melanie


Puppy breaks and socialization

Raising a puppy is a lot of work and we're here to help!  We give you a break by providing customized socialization and training around town and house training help.  

Preventative efforts during the early weeks have lasting impact to help a puppy grow into a confident and friendly dog.

Read The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's Puppy Socialization Position paper.




*Convenient, efficient, and a more relaxed puppy or dog: Training days mean there is no need for day care or the dog walker.  Your dog will get a potty break, mental stimulation, and exercise.


Training walks

Customized walks to give your dog the break he needs combined with specific training goals. Great for house training, installing basic obedience behaviors, and leash reactive dogs.  

You'll be kept up to date throughout the training and given the skills you need. We provide pertinent handouts with instructions, brief progress notes, photos, and one-on-one transfer sessions. 

Other services

Special needs or need a longer outing for your dog?  We can put together custom service options.

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